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Anti-Ana/ Anti-Mia
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Eating disorders are a disease, not a lifestyle.

A community for the rest of us.

There are an insanely large amount of pro mia and pro ana communities out there, and something had to be done to counter it. This community is for anti ana and anti mia people. for those of us who see eating disorders as a disease, and not a lifestyle. Please join and support us, we need it, eating disorders are becoming too popular, too dangerous, and we are greatly outnumbered.

So if youre one of those people that cant stand looking up "mary kate" and finding ten million sites of anorexics and thinspiration, join here and show your support for a healthy lifestyle.

IMPORTANT: Although the commuity's name is Anti-ed, we are not against eating disorders. We are simply against Pro-Ed. Alot of us actually have/had eating disorders, or know someone who has struggled with them. We simply realize the dangers of such a "lifestyle" and think something should be done about it. We have nothing against anyone who has an eating disorder, so please dont take it the wrong way.