colton (colton) wrote in xxanti_edxx,

anti-pro-ed rhetoric?

I'm just passing through, and I have a question.

Do any of you think it might be effective to point out to those with eating disorders the many celebrities that are popularly viewed as attractive that weigh about 40 pounds more than them?

I have a strong desire to put up pictures of them with captions that read "fatter and more attractive than you."

Society and images of skinnier celebrities created these disorders; why cant counterculture and images of healthier celebrities combat them?
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counter-thinspiration. for alot of people, that just makes them want to be even thinner. the anorexic mind isnt exactly logical. =/
In that case, they should all be exterminated, so that the ones that promote it may get out of the way of the ones that actually want to get better.

A picture of myself eating a burger without a shirt on should be enough to drive many of them to suicide.