Loli clothing (misskittiness) wrote in xxanti_edxx,
Loli clothing

HI everyone, just going to drop you a story about my best friend. She is the kind of girl that every Anorexia wanting to stop should look towards.

My friend is amazing, she is so sweet and caring, and she is one of those people who finds it hard to say something mean about anyone. I only meet her a few years ago. One day she confessed to me that she once had Anorexia. I was really surprised, her weight now is so healthy.

She told me when she realised she was making herself sick.

She was at Uni, she was wearing a little tank top, she was eating a little cake. She went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. She was horrified as she watched her cake move down and around in her tummy. It suddenly dawn on her that she was kill herself that there was nothing there but skin and a cake. She suddenly felt like she would just disappear from being too skinny. She did something about it.

She is now so healthy, she is a size 10, the same as me. SHe is really sexy, she has huge boobs, size D which she loves. She says she was silly for giving boobs up for being skinny. She has the most amazing curves and boys just fall over her, desperate to get her attention.

I have only seen one photo of her as an Anorexic. I found it in her room once, it gave me the worst shivers. To think that she ever thought she was preety like that. It frightens me to think if she hadn't waken up from this, I may have never met her, and she would never have been given the chance to make my life so special.

I share a photo of her now. she is the girl on the left with the fringe.

I love you Jae.
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